The Monj Digital Program

Steeped in Science

The unique Monj “learn-by-doing” curriculum promotes positive and sustained behavior change based on the science of Self Determination Theory.

Monj guides participants to joyfully build new skills and insights—benefitting from long term positive behavior change through our curriculum centered on developing autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

Nutrition in Disguise

People don’t eat nutrition, they eat food! While participants are guided through our lessons—the blueprints for building healthy eating skills—they learn through our proprietary flavor framework that a focus on plant-based goodness brings big flavors, satiation, and abundance—AND nutrition (shhh!)


Develop Skills

With Monj, participants' learn-by-doing, active, hands-on, skill based learning is essential for behavior change, so when we “teach you to fish”, we are setting you up for a lifetime of success.

Our cooking lessons are templates for creating amazing meals on your own. These “blueprints” are how we “hack cooking school” and set you free to create on your own.

With up to two-thirds of our eating done outside of the home, skills for navigating restaurant menus, deli counters, and social events are essential. Our power-ups provide ways to “hack the menu” for big flavor and big nutrition.


Set Goals

Signifcant change can be daunting for even the most well-intentioned. We focus on “micro behaviors” to ensure participants achieve the small wins that an add up to major accomplishments over time.

Participants are guided to achieve milestones, or goals, as they advance through the engaging science based behavior change curriculum. The focus is on building skills and insights that last a lifetime, and we don’t miss the chance to acknowledge and track incremental success along the way.




Be Social

Mealtime has always held a special significance in human culture. This act of sharing food with others is a primal, pro-social act that helps us feel closer to one another. The importance of shared food experience needs to be woven into any approach for nutritional behavior change that hopes to be effective—and it’s often left out.

Monj puts social connection at the core of our solution. Participants collaborate through team ups, the Monj version of a challenge, explore new ways to make eating in the office more social through our missions, and get family and friends together in the kitchen together to share the cooking experience.

Being social brings fun to eating, but it also uses the social network to support success.


Participant Outcomes

Monj participants report the following benefits from the program.