Make Life Delicious

Monj is a digital food and nutrition company that activates physical, emotional, and social well-being. We empower people to forever improve the way they eat, cook, and connect.

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The Monj Approach

Engaging programs for Employee groups, Health Systems, Wellness, and Chronic Care Management

50% of the US population is pre-diabetic or diabetic, and one-third of premature deaths can be attributed to the American diet.  A shift to healthy eating is the most powerful tool we have to reduce the onset of obesity-related diseases. Monj drives positive outcomes utilizing the strengths of behavior change science to forever improve the way people eat, cook, and connect.

Monj’s engaging curriculum is based on leading behavior change science to drive intrinsic motivation. With Monj, participants can increase their overall wellness with a convenient food and lifestyle program. We are a partner on the journey to sustained weight-loss and chronic care management.

Monj also delivers the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program digitally with partner Retrofit to patients around the country.