New Feature: Consolidated Shopping Lists

We're happy to announce that an often-requested feature has just been added to Monj: Consolidated Shopping Lists.

This makes is easy for you to shop for ingredients for more than one Monj Cooking Lesson by combing them onto one consolidated list. Use this to knock out all the shopping ahead of time for meals you plan to cooking during the week. Here is how it works:

First, click or tap Groceries from any cooking lesson, then click or tap the new Save to Shopping List button.


This will take you over to your Shopping List. Keep adding cooking lessons until you have all you want, then click or tap the Send List button.


Within a minute, you'll receive an email with the consolidated list, conveniently grouped to make your swing through the store as efficient as possible. And if someone else is helping you with the shopping, just forward them the email!


It's that simple. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback through the Help link in Monj, or email us directly via 

Steve Harshbarger