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Our Clients' Experience

"As an obesity expert I’ve found the hardest part of helping patients lose weight is once they enter the maintenance phase.  Often, when left to their own choices, bad habits can sneak back into their lives.
I’ve found Monj to be a great tool to help patients learn not only how to eat in a healthier way to help them continue to lose or maintain their weight loss, but it’s also a great tool to help them transform how they look at home cooked meals. 
The Monj building block method of teaching basic and advanced cooking skills makes it not only easy but fun.  I feel that using Monj will give our patients a valuable tool to be more self-sufficient and ultimately more successful in the long run."
- Dr. Matthew G. Pinto, Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist | Center for Medical Weight Loss Medical Director | Founder of Vive Medical Weight Loss

Supporting Research



“Home cooking is increasingly viewed as an obesity prevention strategy & a way to improve your family’s health...”



“People who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier
and consume less calories...”


“When you prepare and cook meals at home, you have better control over the nutritional content and the overall healthfulness of the food you eat…..”